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5 DC Movies yet to hit the big screen


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5 DC Movies yet to hit the big screen

With superhero movies seeming to be all the rage at the moment and with Marvel Comics out doing DC Comics on the big screen, it seems that DC need one of their superheroes to step up to the plate and help them hit the mark. There have been a number of rumours about certain DC characters who are currently being developed for the big screen, so here we have given you a rundown of the top five DC Movies yet to hit the big screen.

Wonder Woman: There has been a lot of talk about a Wonder Woman movie being made, with the first murmurs appearing almost ten years ago, yet Wonder Woman still has not hit the big screen. The closest Wonder Woman came to being made was in 2007, when Joss Whedon was given the task of writing and directing a Wonder Woman movie. However, that all fell apart due to creative differences. More recently, rumours have suggested that Nicolas Winding Refn could be set to direct a Wonder Woman movie with Christina Hendricks tipped to play the titular character. However, the Wonder Woman movie has been on and off for some time so do not get your hopes up.
The Flash: It seems difficult to know where they could really take The Flash on the big screen, as he does not exactly have the greatest of super powers and is a bit limited in what he can do. However, it does appear that The Flash movie is getting made, with Greg Berlanti writing and directing the project and The Flash comic book writer Geoff Johns on hand to help out. The Flash is another DC movie which has been talked about for quite some time but has yet to see anything really come to light, but if recent rumours are to be believed, The Flash could receive the green light and begin production sometime next year. Again though, do not get too excited about it as it could be some way off yet.
Lobo: Some people will not be as familiar with Lobo as comic book fans will be but suggestion have been made that a Lobo movie could be getting made at some point. Back in 2009 it was reported that a script for a Lobo movie was in the process of being penned by Don Payne, who wrote the screenplay for Thor and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The story was to centre around a young girl who assists seven-foot tall, blue-skinned, indestructible creature (Lobo) to stop a gang of fugitives from wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, since then the project has been put on hold and there has been no word of it being brought to life anytime soon. We can hope though and we feel Lobo could be just what DC Comics needs on the big screen.
Justice League of America: A great way to introduce some of the DC characters who have yet to make it on to the big screen, would be to make a Justice League of America movie to introduce these characters to the audience. With the success of the Batman films and a new Superman film on the way, people would surely flock to see them on the same screen and this would be an ideal stepping stone to making such stand alone movies as Wonder Woman and The Flash. Talks of a Justice League of America movie have been ongoing since early 2007 and since then there has been a lot of coming and going. It has now been reported that Warner Bros. are looking for someone to develop a new script and if they can get the right person on board, the Justice League of America movie could just be the huge hit DC are searching for.
Robin: Before anybody starts going crazy and getting angry at suggestions that a Robin movie is being made, it is not but we believe that a Robin movie could be made in to a hit. Christian Bale has already claimed that he would never do a Batman movie if Robin was involved and Christopher Nolan would not want to undermine the work he has done by camping up his Batman movies. But with the right writer and director, who is to say that Robin could not be made into a similar dark version the way the Batman movies have been done? Remove all of the camped up 60s nonsense and completely forget about the Chris O’Donnell version in Batman Forever and it could just work. With Batman getting a complete reboot, why not make Robin first, with an appearance from Batman at the end and then take it from there? We can’t see it happening but we think it could be a great idea.
Other DC Comics who have been mentioned as possible big screen heroes  include, believe it or not, Plastic Man. There was a rumour back in 2009 that the Wachowski Brothers had penned a script for Plastic Man but that it was rejected by the studio due to the flop that was Speed Racer. There is no denying that Plastic Man could make for an interesting movie but there are certainly bigger and better heroes to be seen on the big screen first. Another that is believed to actually be in active development is Green Arrow but we expect that a Green Arrow movie is likely to receive the same fate as Wonder Woman and The Flash and become stuck in development hell. Feel free to add any DC Comic characters that you think would be great and the big screen.