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Dead Prez and Hip Hop Activism

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Dead Prez and Hip Hop Activism

  • Dead Prez is a talented hip hop group
  • They make music about changing the black community
  • Dead Prez also manage to keep it "gangsta" at the same time
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The Revolution has been over for a long time and it is no longer relevant in today’s world. Many African-American people who were a part of the Revolution either joined the “establishment” or left it behind in the 70s. The new struggle is more about economics than it is about racial or social equality. However, there are some black people who are still continuing the fight for freedom even if the struggle is no loner relevant like it was in the past.
Dead Prez make some interesting music
Dead Prez is a hip hop group that makes music about the changing the black community but they also keep it “gangsta” while they’re communicating their ideas. This group sees a lot of the problems that plagued the black community in the past still harm blacks today. In their opinion, schools must provide black children with a better education and more black people must be able to own and manage businesses. Dead Prez makes it a point to speak the truth and do so with a very confrontational style.
This group is apparently successful at what they do because they have been around since 1996 and continues to make music. Any group that has been successfully performing for nearly twenty years must to be doing something right. They might not be at the forefront of hip hop and rap but there are plenty of people who agree with their message or at the very least like their sound.
Dead Prez trying to make a difference
Dead Prez trying to make a difference
Dead Prez releases music in this day and age and they are among the few modern-day revolutionaries who still dare to keep speaking out in the name of social justice.
Dead Prez doing their thang!
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