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Emily Deschanel's social media interaction helps "Bones" popularity

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Emily Deschanel's social media interaction helps "Bones" popularity

  • American television and film actress
  • Best known for role as Dr. Temperance Brennan in "Bones"
  • Has over 400,000 followers who connect during Bones episodes
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One reason why the television series "Bones" is so successful is the acting performance of Emily Deschanel who plays the assertive and blunt speaking forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan. She is not only the star of the show but she is also a producer and when the episodes of the show are on television she actually watches the show and interacts with fans through her social media Twitter account. She understands the importance of interacting with fans and now has over 400,000 Twitter followers but more importantly the connection has led to her becoming 'connected' with fans of the show.
Emily Deschanel looking stunning in white dress
Her thoughts and comments are viewed by many of the shows fans and has turned the show into a mini-slumber party for fans who get to interact with her on either the West or East Coast when the show is on. She does not need to go to a marketing company to find out what fans think of an episode because she is interacting with them while watching the show and they tell her their thoughts and she is able to evaluate the show as well. 
Some entertainment insiders are wondering if her move into the 'producers' chair in addition to her starring role is her 'testing' the waters about how to be a producer for another television show or movie and how she could use social media to get a sense about how some potential topics could work and what the fans are thinking.
Emily Deschanel on red carpet
Emily Deschanel on red carpet
Emily Deschanel understands that to help a television show be great the lead actor cannot end their day when the lights go off and they have finished acting.  The individuals who fight the presence of social media will eventually become like dinosaurs and become extinct. Those who embrace social media and use it to make a connection with the fans of their shows will thrive because social media is not going away and with the ratings that Emily Deschanel has helped her show achieve, neither is "Bones".
Emily Deschanel on "Ellen" talk show
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