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Jamie Ang Fhm Mag Singapore August
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Singapore Bfhm Bmodels Bwinner Bjamie Bang Bleaked Bnude Bphotos Bwwwgutteruncensoredcom Beach
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Girl of the Week: FHM Singapore's Jamie Ang


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Girl of the Week: FHM Singapore's Jamie Ang

For those of you that do not know, Jamie Ang is one of the top up and coming models from Asia. When most people think of models, they think of beautiful women with no brains but Jamie Ang is not only beautiful, she also has brains, “At this very moment, I am interning for a bank, which will cease soon when my school resumes. I’m into my final year of studies (BsC Banking and Finance) so I’ll be applying for jobs throughout the year too,” she explained before also admitting that she hopes to be “Climbing the corporate ladder in the finance industry.”

That is not something that many models can say. Jamie Ang has already won Miss Singapore Commonwealth, as well as FHM Model 2012 and is clearly a very talented woman who is on the rise. Jamie was kind enough to take some time to talk to Fansshare about a few of the things that people may not know about her.

FS. When did you realise that you wanted to be a model?

JA. It was more of a coincidental move. An organiser of a photography forum scouted me, and I was open to explore this industry. My network and experience grew exponentially and thus motivated to pursue more each time.

FS. How long have you been modelling for?

JA. Approximately 2 years or so.

FS. How did it feel to win Miss Singapore Commonwealth?

JA. It was a great experience! That was a small pageant and was my first pageant/contest. The other finalists had pangeantry experience prior to this contest, so always make a point to be “exceeding expectations”, especially in the sponsors’ events. It was good exposure and insight of how pageant competition is like.

FS. Did you think you would win FHM Model 2012?

JA. If I didn’t think I would win, I wouldn’t join in the first place. As mentioned in my FHM interview, I came in very focused and competitive.

Jamie Playboy

FS. You are very into health and fitness, how did you get into that?

JA. I used to play competitive netball very regularly before deciding to embark on modelling. Love the trainings and games. I try to keep up with occasional gym sessions/runs whenever I can as time is usually a concern.

FS. We have people who are diet crazy visiting FansShare, care to share what your typical diet and fitness regime is?

JA. I take small frequent meals, 4-5 times throughout the day. Snacks includes yoghurt, muesli, nutty bar, fine chocolate. I am not strict with my diet as I do not gain weight easily. However, I believe that overeating/extra large meals is not good as it might potentially “season” your stomach for greater appetite in the future. Also, take your time to eat as it gives time for your food to be digesting well to flag the “getting full” sign before you overeat. For more info on fitness routine and diet, please refer to my fitness article on!

FS. Do you ever have lazy days, we somehow suspect not, BUT if you do, what do you get up to?

JA. Hahaha you are right, I hardly have personal time for myself! I would love to read a good book, or sun tan by the beach/pool listening to chill music.

FS. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you need with you?

JA. Mirror. Large thick blanket. Knife.

As beautiful and talented as Jamie Ang is, that's not where it stops with her, you find out straight away that she is the perfect girl next door, she loves to chill out and have some fun from time to time. Jamie explained, “I love event jobs, hearing interesting stories from various sources, getting contacts and just pure entertainment while getting paid for enjoying/living the moment. Love chilling out with great company and good food/wine/champagne.”

However, being a beautiful young lady does not come without its fair share of annoyances and one of those is the poor chat up lines men use. Jamie revealed the worst chat up line she has ever heard, “Your dress matches well to the color of the sofa…” Certainly not the best chat up line ever.

Keep your eyes out for Jamie Ang people, as she is certainly a beautiful and talented woman on the up.

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