News » In 2014 will Eliza Dushku become an actress who can carry a movie?
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In 2014 will Eliza Dushku become an actress who can carry a movie?

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In 2014 will Eliza Dushku become an actress who can carry a movie?

  • Past star of television series Dollhouse
  • Girlfriend of ex-NBA player and current actor/commentator Rick Fox
  • Known for exotic beauty and role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
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Eliza Dushku is making the transition from television series to movies both on the small and big screen. She is known primarily for her role in the teen movie "Bring It On" and for her successful roles in several television series such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Dollhouse" but over the past several years she has been working steadily but has not had the breakthrough performance in a role that turned her into a major star.
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Over the past five years she was probably known more for her relationship with retired NBA basketball player and now actor/commentator Rick Fox than her acting but that situation is about to change in 2014.
Eliza has three projects that will be released in 2014, two of which are movies in which she will be the star. She is the star of the television movie "The Saint" which includes legendary actor Roger Moore and she will also star in "Jane Wants a Boyfriend" and have a major role in "The Scribbler". Thus in 2014 when people talk about Eliza Dushku it is likely to be more about her performances in movies and less about her roles in television series and her personal life. In 2014 Eliza Dushku is going to become known for her acting ability and whether her acting performance can make a movie memorable and very successful at the box office.
Eliza Dushku rocking a grin
Eliza Dushku rocking a grin
2014 is a big year for Eliza because while she is able to find roles in television series' the one thing she has been missing that some of her colleagues such as Kirsten Dunst have achieved is major big screen success as an actress who can carry a movie. It is very likely that she found a comfort zone with television but to her credit she decided to push her boundaries as an actress and take on projects that require her to carry the movie. It is a huge responsibility and it shows the direction that she has decided to take her career.
In 2014 Eliza Dushku is going to introduce herself to her fans and entertainment insiders as an actress who can be the featured actress in a movie, a leading lady who can carry a movie and break through the Hollywood stereotype of her as an individual who is best suited to play a supporting role.
Eliza with Rick Fox
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