News » Is Trace Cyrus/Brenda Song relationship the James/Bullock of 2014?
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Is Trace Cyrus/Brenda Song relationship the James/Bullock of 2014?

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Is Trace Cyrus/Brenda Song relationship the James/Bullock of 2014?

  • Trace Cyrus is adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Upper body is heavily tattooed on front and back
  • Known for relationship with actress Brenda Song
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Trace Cyrus is a rock and roll guitarist, the adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus and the brother of current music superstar Miley Cyrus. Yet he is best known for his on again, off again relationship with actress Brenda Song of the television show "Dads". Hollywood gossip columnists and the public relations team of Brenda Song love his presence but does he really deserve the attention he receives from entertainment reporters?
Brenda Song with Aly Michalka
Trace is currently signed with Columbia Records but he has not released any songs recently. He is known for being a "Cyrus", his relationship with Brenda Song and the tattoos which adorn almost his entire upper body, front and back. Brenda Song is an accomplished actress who became a star through the child show "The Suite Live of Zack and Cody" and since then has developed an impressive acting resume as a consistently working actress. For many an entertaiment insider the question is whether Trace is an example of the "bad boy" attraction for Brenda Song
For many entertainment insiders, the relationship of Trace Cyrus and actress Brenda Song speaks volumes about the craziness of Hollywood. The beautiful, accomplished actress who seems to be moving forward with her career and she is involved with a rock and roll musician who has not released anything noteworthy in recent years and seems to be living off the family name. Trace Cyrus is in many respects the nightmare of every American Dad who has a daughter. 
Trace Cyrus performing
Trace Cyrus performing
When people in the entertainment world mention the name of Trace Cyrus they think of Brenda Song and the relationship of Sandra Bullock with Jesse James. The question of many is whether this relationship is "real" or is it just for publicity because it is unlikely that if Trace were with another heavily tattooed, unemployed musical artist or actress that the media would pay attention to him? Ironically, if Brenda were with a clean-cut, young Hollywood actor her fans would be happy but not outraged and since she is not a A-list actress she probably would not receive as much Internet and television attention as she currently receives.
The coupling of the heavily tattooed man who does not fit society's idea of who an actress who was once a childhood star with a large fan base would be involved in a relationship. The public has seen this story before so let's hope its actually a legitimate relationship and not a "shock" strategy of the public relations teams of these two individuals because the entertainment gossip columnists and fans might take the attitude of ignoring them completely or worse, "call them out" for participating in a strategy to gain publicity through a fake relationship.
Society has been very unforgiving to "fakes" in entertainment as "Milli Vanilli" and others can attest. If it is a "fake" relationship they had better pray to the gods of Hollywood that the public is willing to forgive them. The question of 2014 for Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song is whether their relationship is a publictiy stunt or not and how can they avoid any backlash if it is.
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