News » Jonah Hill surprises film insiders with 'heavy look' on "Arms and The Dudes"
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Jonah Hill surprises film insiders with 'heavy look' on "Arms and The Dudes"

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Jonah Hill surprises film insiders with 'heavy look' on "Arms and The Dudes"

  • American actor, producer, writer and comedian
  • Two-time Academy Award nominee
  • Earned critical acclaim for performance in "The Wolf of Wall Street"
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Jonah Hill was photographed on the set of "Arms and The Dudes", a comedy-drama that will likely enable the comedic star to show more of his impressive dramatic acting range that transfixed movie viewers in movies such as "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Moneyball".
Unfortunately, while his presence on the set in which he was pictured looking stylish in a crisp white shirt and expensive-looking dark suit has his fans excited it is also creating much concern among some entertainment observers are reportedly some of his friends as he looks considerably overweight.
His large weight gain has some individuals worried that this gifted comedic actor could be endangering his health and putting his career in jeopardy as rumours are starting to emerge that he is 'eating himself out of consideration for some roles. 
The slimmer version of Jonah Hill was one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood as some filmmakers and entertainment observers thought of him as a potential lead actor star because of his comedic timing and sensational acting range. Now, with his larger physique he is starting to remind some filmmakers of the comedic superstar Chris Farley who left the entertainment scene way too early.
He has several projects in development, most notably "The Ballad of Richard Jewell" in which he will reportedly play the starring role under the direction of Clint Eastwood but at the moment the most important issue in the view of some entertainment observers is whether he is dealing with a serious health issue or is his weight gain a byproduct of him breaking up with his dietician girlfriend and 'falling off the weight loss wagon"?
No one knows what the reason is for his weight gain but the reality is that it has become so noticeable that people are talking more about his appearance and less about his acting and talent which constitutes a serious issue for this actor who is very likely losing projects as a result. 
Jonah Hill is an actor in the spotlight but unfortunately it is not because of his acting but instead his unexpected and surprising weight gain and that is something some entertainment observers hope he will change to ensure his continued place on he big screen as a feature actor in movie projects.
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