News » Looper director Rian Johnson to helm Batman movie reboot
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Looper director Rian Johnson to helm Batman movie reboot

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Looper director Rian Johnson to helm Batman movie reboot

  • Rian Johnson has received praise for his work on the movie Looper
  • He has now been asked about the possibility of directing a Batman reboot
  • Rian admitted he is a huge fan of the franchise and would be interested
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It has only been a few months since the last of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies but there has already been plenty of talk about the Warner Bros. reboot of the franchise. Now, Looper director Rian Johnson has discused the possibility of directing the Batman reboot.
Rian Johnson could direct the Batman reboot
Johnson explained to, “You know I love Batman, I didn't grow up reading the comics but Batman movies, when that first Tim Burton Batman movie came out that kind of defined, in kind of like a weird way for the generation that I was in, that first Batman movie in a way it defined what a blockbuster was for me, more so than any of the 70s movies.”
He added, “When that first Batman movie hit it was like this cultural volcano that defined what the superhero blockbuster was in a way that was just completely drew me in as a kid. So Batman is definitely the one superhero movie franchise that I'm 100% just completely in love with, and I love [Christopher] Nolan's so much man.”
The Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman Returns
The Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman Returns
Rian continued, “Right now I'm just focusing on doing my own thing. And that hypothetical that you mentioned has so many variables to it in terms of what kind of movie they're looking to make and all of that so, you know, that call hasn't happened and in the meanwhile I'm not gonna sit by the phone, I'm just gonna keep writing my own stuff.”
It is expected that the first we will see of a new Batman will be in the Justice League movie, which is set to be released in 2015, before the reboot is then released a year or two later.
Who do you think should direct the Batman reboot?
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