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Miley Cyrus: "My Biggest Regret"

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Miley Cyrus: "My Biggest Regret"

  • Miley Cyrus has revealed that she regrets not finishing high school
  • The star says she wishes she could have gone to her prom
  • Miley discusses her new hair style, saying she feels sexier than ever
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Miley Cyrus seems to have everything going for her: a successful career, a hansome fiance and a figure to die for. But the actress and singer does have one regret. 
Miley is engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth
Miley has revealed that her biggest regret is the fact that she never finished high school, which included never going to her prom. The Disney star was too busy with her career as a teen to complete her education, and therefore missed her prom night.
Miley revealed that she realised just how much she regrets not having a prom when she accompanied a male friend to his prom, saying that she had the best night of her life but knows that it wasn't the same as attending her own.

Miley said: ''High school is something I wish I could have had. I still got to go to a prom but it wasn't the same. Like, people bugged me for photos when I was at the prom. I went with a gay guy and it was the best, most fabulous night of my whole life, but it was different because it wasn't like I was asked by my high school boyfriend or anything. And it wasn't like I knew everyone else at the prom, because I was just a guest. So I guess I miss having had that.''

The twenty-year old recently went through a drastic make over. After shedding the pounds on a gluten free diet, she decided to cut her long wavy hair off and opt for a pixie style crop which she then bleached. However, Miley says the new looks has given her more confidence, and that she now feels sexier than ever.

She told Brit publication OK! magazine: ''You hear your whole life that women are supposed to have long, gorgeous hair. Every movie that you see where it's like the hot dream girl, everyone always has long hair. But I think someone is sexier when I see their face. It takes a lot of courage to do it and when I see someone with short hair, I have respect for them.''
Miley wishes she could have attended her prom
Miley wishes she could have attended her prom
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