News » Richard Curtis' direction of the movie "About Time" was outstanding.
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Richard Curtis' direction of the movie "About Time" was outstanding.

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Richard Curtis' direction of the movie "About Time" was outstanding.

  • Exceptionally talented movie director
  • Wrote and directed "About Time"
  • "Notting Hill" was also his creation
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Richard Curtis And Domhnall Gleeson In About Time Large Picture
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Richard Curtis demonstrated his outstanding movie making skills once again in the movie "About Time". There are very few movie writers, directors and producers who can create an intelligent, heart warming film that does not leave the viewer wondering what was said because the level of English is so high. In this movie, the last one that this talented man will direct, he used science fiction and time travel as devices to help explain the lives of the movie characters.
Richard Curtis on set of the movie
What is so exceptional about his use of these movie making instruments is that he did not allow them to overwhelm the film and thus the focus of the film was always the lives of the characters and viewers only thought about these devices after they had finished watching the movie.
For some movie directors and producers the central message of the movie is difficult to ascertain and thus the viewer becomes frustrated. Other movie directors and producers unintentionally insult their audience by constantly reminding them of the message as they are unable to subtly communicate it. Richard Curtis is one of the rare movie producers whose directing and producing of a movie will have the audience putting themselves in the roles of the characters and have them laughing, thinking and waiting on the edge of their seat about what will happen in the next scene.
Richard Curtis with
Richard Curtis with "About Time" star
Richard Curtis has stated in interviews that the movie "About Time" will be the last movie he directs and it seems as if he made that decision before directing this movie because it is arguably one of his best movies. 
There are times in life that people do not appreciate the quality and presence of something until it is gone and this might be the situation with the entertainment industry and the viewing audience with regard to Richard Curtis. Mr. Curtis' exceptional movie making skills that he displayed in the movie "About Time" will be missed as he was able to bring characters to the movie screen that the average person could relate to through the use of concepts such as time travel and science fiction while not letting these unique elements become a central aspect of the movie.
The great movie directors make the actions of the actors seem natural and that is what Richard Curtis, one of the best romantic comedy movie writers and directors has accomplished with his writing and directing of the movie "About Time". He will no longer be in the directors chair on movie sets but in the meantime viewers can appreciate the last directing work from this talented movie director one last time in his movie "About Time."
Trailer for Richard Curtis' movie "about time"
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