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Russell Crowe beat Liam Neeson for 'Noah' role


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Russell Crowe beat Liam Neeson for 'Noah' role

Liam Neeson has a new interview with Den of Geek promoting his new movie Taken 2, the sequel to the smash hit Taken, which released in 2008.  In the interview he talks about almost being Noah in the upcoming movie by Russell Crowe, and he also talks about shooting Dark Knight Rises and being sworn to secrecy by Christopher Nolan.
When talking about Noah, he says, "For ten seconds I was going to be Noah in Noah’s Ark. But Russell [Crowe] is up for that one, I think. Then they wanted me to be his nemesis, but I was like, bah. If you’re not Noah, what’s the point, you know? [Laughs]”
When he’s asked whether he gets a lot of villain roles as followup question, he says, “Sometimes, they’ll come in. Batman Begins was interesting. But he doesn’t see himself as a villain – he sees himself as the saviour of the planet, with that organisation of his.” 
Then, he’s asked about giving the Dark Knight series a sense of closure by appearing in ‘Rises’, and he says, “It was good. I haven’t seen the movie yet to be honest with you. I was on set for two hours, I think. And then Chris [Nolan] said [adopts very posh, slightly grave English voice], “Don’t tell anybody you were here.” [Laughs]  And there’s a crew of 300, you know? I said, “I’m not going to say anything, but these 300 guys might!” [Laughs].  Doing junkets, people say, “You’re in Batman!” and I’d say, “I’m not in Batman, I’m really not!” It was only 15 seconds, right?”
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