News » Sam Witwer to star in Star Wars: Episode VII?
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Sam Witwer to star in Star Wars: Episode VII?

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Sam Witwer to star in Star Wars: Episode VII?

  • Sam Witwer has a history with the Star Wars franchise
  • He has lent his voice and likeness to Starkiller in the video games
  • Sam says he would love to have just an audition for a role in the movie
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Actor Sam Witwer has some history with the Star Wars franchise, after he lent his voice to the character Starkiller for the The Force Unleashed video games. Sam says that he put in as much research as he possibly could, in a bid to get the perfect idea of the Star Wars universe and he states that he would love to get the chance to audition for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, whatever the role.
Sam Witwer would love a role in Star Wars: Episode VII
Witwer told IGN Movies, "I would kill for the opportunity to just be in the room and audition, honestly. I really feel like, in a weird way, I've put my time in and I'm ready for that type of opportunity. I've portrayed a lot of Star Wars characters, and they've been very different from each other. It wasn't just me being a fan and feeling like, 'Okay, I'm ready to do this role!' No, that wasn't good enough."
He added, "I had to go and watch 1940s movies and Casablanca and Double Indemnity and The Killing and all this stuff that George Lucas would have watched when he was younger. You know, even the 1930s serials like Flash Gordon. It's all stuff where Star Wars came from -- the Kurosawa films, all these things. All of that research informed how I approached these roles, and fans seem to think that it feels right. If it does, it's because I feel like I've made an effort to try to understand George Lucas and where this stuff comes from. I wouldn't feel comfortable just shooting from the hip because Star Wars is too important to me, so I did my homework."
Scene from Star Wars: Episode I
Scene from Star Wars: Episode I
Sam continued, "I feel like if J.J. Abrams was like, 'Yeah, let's call in Sam Witwer for an audition,' I'd feel like I could do a pretty good job in that audition room, because I think I understand this stuff. I think I know how you'd perform it, whether it's a big bad evil guy or one of the protagonists. So that's my personal opinion. [Laughs] I don't know if that holds any weight in terms of the people that are in the room right now, but yeah. I feel that I could do a decent job with it."
There have been plenty of rumours surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII, with the latest being the suggestion that Summer Glau could be perfect for the role of Mara Jade Skywalker. The Star Wars: Episode VII screenplay is currently being worked on by Michael Arndt and the movie will be directed by J.J. Abrams, with the view to a 2015 release date.
Sam Witwer interview
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