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Scarlett Johansson represents beauty, brains and backbone

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Scarlett Johansson represents beauty, brains and backbone

  • Divorced from Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds
  • Considered one of the most attractive women in America
  • Star of "The Avengers"
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Scarlett Johansson will be in the news in 2014 for both her movie projects and for her personality and she deserves commendation for both as she is a role model to actors and actresses in Hollywood of all ages. In 2014 this beautiful actress who has been named the "Sexiest Women in America" twice by Esquire magazine will be seen in three movies, "Chef", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Lucy". Just the mere mention that she will be part of a film will ensure that the male audience between the age of 18 to 75 will want to find their way to a movie theatre.
Scarlett Johansson at movie premiere
Scarlett Johansson's presence in a movie requires that the normal age classification to determine popularity among heterosexual males be dispensed with and literally thrown out the window because it is a rare male who does not want to see her in any type of clothing let alone a body suit. However, in 2014 Scarlett Johansson has become known for more than her upcoming movies and stunning physique. She is now recognized as an actress with a considerable backbone who will not be pushed around by political lobby groups.
Scarlett Johansson recently made news on the Internet when she decided that she was going to continue to endorse a product, "SodaStream" that allows one to make their own homemade sodas even though it is made in what was once Israel and is now Palestine. She will be the star of a commercial that will be shown during the Super Bowl, one of the most popular times when a commercial will be viewed. A political lobby group had protested her support of this product because of where it is made and suggested on the Internet that people boycott the product. Usually such a statement would cause most Hollywood actors and actresses to immediately back away from the product. Scarlett Johansson is a different actress and she stated that she will continue to endorse the product.
Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet of premiere
Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet of premiere
When a Hollywood actress or actor takes a stand and decides not to allow themselves to be pushed around that person will attract even more fans because people can always relate to someone who will not allow themselves to be bullied. In 2014 because of the comments by the political lobby group "BDS" her 2014 Super Bowl commercial will be one of the most viewed and Scarlett Johansson will become even more loved by her fans by not allowing herself to become prey to a bully. 
In 2014 the epitome of beauty, brains and backbone will be Scarlett Johansson.
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