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Wil Wheaton replicates "the stuff that dreams are made of"

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Wil Wheaton replicates "the stuff that dreams are made of"

  • Wheaton has been busy 3D printing everything
  • Wil uses his personal blog to share thoughts and pictures
  • Still best know as the actor who played Wesley Crusher
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Wil, we talk about the black bird? Wil Wheaton is an all-around guru of geeky tech gizmo's, and so his recent purchase of a MakerBot should come as no surprise. Wheaton has been busy 3D printing everything from skulls to put LED lights inside to one of the most famous MacGuffin's in film history – the Maltese Falcon!
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On his personal blogging website, Wil Wheaton dot net, Wil displays pictures of his completed statue inside his MakerBot Replicator 2. That's right, an actor famous for having been an ensign aboard the Starship Enterprise has an actual device that creates three-dimensional objects in his office, and the name of his model of 3D printer is Replicator. The professional geek, a regular on the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry, does point out that his Replicator 2 cannot provide him any consumable beverages like the futuristic devices from his former television series. What it can do, and he posts pictures at for all to see, is make him models of the Tardis from Doctor Who as well as a head from Easter Island.
Perhaps still best know as the actor who played Wesley Crusher on the science-fiction TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil is proud of his history as a connoisseur of all things nerdy. He has built a brand on being a geek, from having authored books such as Just A Geek, to appearing in such sci-fi fan favorites as The Big Bang Theory and Leverage, to being part of a yearly celebrity Dungeons & Dragons event for PAX. He can often be found posting to social media about the latest apps he's added to his smartphone, or, like with the Maltese Falcon replica he created, showcasing his latest 3D printed masterpiece.
Wil Wheaton on star trek
Wil Wheaton on star trek
So while we don't have transporters yet, Wil Wheaton is showing us that we are very close everyone having their own replicators in their home. MakerBot is just one brand of 3D printer out there, but with a device for sale with the name Replicator, it is no wonder that the Star Trek alumni would have that brand sitting on his desk. And while the famous 'dingus', as detective Sam Spade would call it, may be "the stuff that dreams are made of" after all, Mr. Wheaton proves that we can already each make a pretty looking fake in the comfort of our own home.
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