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How did Beyonce get famous?

chandra_23 asked: How did Beyonce get famous?

kiki66 answered:
10th December 2011 02:54
it all stared when she was in a dance class and she was waiting for her parents to pick her up the techer was singing then beyonce as just alittle girl fishined the song the teacher noticed a note she hit and said sing it agin so she did the techer told her parents they said we no shes sings around the house the teacher said no she can sing the techer asked to put her in perfornances so when she beyonce was in doing her performance she opend up being beyonce was actuall y shy but when on stage she can be her self beyonces discoverd she loved the stage and she formed a girl father begin manager perfroemances at mothers hair salon dad paid for singing lessons and the group practiced there hardest the got a tv show told on her friends t watch but they didnt have a name then they decided girls time they were the hip pop rapping girlstime they lose they were crusehed but didnt show it o stage after getting off stage they balled. they got a recording deal they were recording matthew beyonces father said i quote beyonce have u been swimming . so he said sorry they r not ready. they got sighned agin got droped then they got sign agin being 16 or 17 first song no no no it was a hit and her singing group now is broken and she solo since 2002 or 2003 now she has 16 grammys more then tina turner and lots more stars and last years grammy in 2010 she tok hoe 6 grammys one night and set a record beyonce has 4 abkums out and recently her cd beened call by the olling stone one of the best of the year its called 4 being her 4th ablum and got on topof bill board chart for her song countdown.
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